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National Diabetes Week 2022: Let's Rethink Diabetes

National Diabetes week 2022 runs from the 10th -16th of July, with a focus on raising awareness and combatting the mental and emotional health challenges related to diabetes, particularly due to stigma. According to Diabetes Australia:

  • More than 80% of people with diabetes have experienced diabetes stigma, and

  • Nearly 50% of people with diabetes have experienced mental health challenges in the last 12 months.

Diabetes Mental Health

Diabetes Stigma

Diabetes is a condition affecting Australians of all ages and the associated stigma is widespread. Often, people with diabetes feel they are being judged for their meal choices, are being shamed for using insulin or checking their blood glucose levels in public, or are being blamed for 'causing' the condition.

The danger in these feelings is that those who feel blamed and shamed may have a harder time managing their diabetes, may disengage from necessary healthcare and are therefore put at higher risk of suffering from diabetes-related complications.

Diabetes and Mental Health

To combat the mental and emotional health issues faced by people with diabetes, Diabetes Australia is encouraging us all to 'Rethink Diabetes', by:


Understanding nobody chooses to have diabetes. Diabetes is a serious condition which can also be life-threatening.

Calling out Diabetes-Related Stigma

Stopping the blame and shame. Through better understanding, more awareness and compassion, we can reduce the stigma associated with the condition. Often, people are unaware their comments or actions can cause distress. A conversation about the importance of support and positivity can help reduce harmful comments.

Offering Support

Offering mental and emotional support is crucial to good diabetes care and management. Look out for signs of depression, anxiety and diabetes-related burnout. Some common signs include ongoing worrying thoughts, inability to relax, ongoing feelings of guilt, frustration or being overwhelmed by the condition and emotional exhaustion from the demands of managing diabetes. For more information on diabetes and mental health, follow the links on the Heads Up Diabetes website.

Just For U Care's Commitment

At Just For U Care, we are committed to providing compassionate, tailored care services to ensure our clients' health and safety, including their mental and physical wellbeing. Our trained carers can assist with your or your loved one's diabetes management plan, including:

  • Assisting with administering insulin.

  • Monitoring blood glucose levels.

  • Creating a healthy eating plan and preparing meals.

  • Assisting with physical exercise.

  • Accompanying you or your loved one to GP or specialist appointments.

  • Providing emotional and social support.

exercise support

To learn more about Diabetes Australia's Heads Up Campaign, visit their website.

If you are concerned for your or your loved one's physical or mental health, it is crucial to reach out to a GP or relevant health professional.

Just For U Care's support workers and management team can assist, please contact us to discuss your or your loved one's care needs.



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