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In-Home Meal Preparation

Grocery Shopping, Menu Planning and Cooking Assistance

Healthy eating and good nutrition are vital to maintaining your or your loved one's wellbeing. Our professional and compassionate in-home carers are dedicated to ensuring your or your loved one's independence and health at home through personalised meal planning, enjoyable cooking experiences and thoughtfully prepared meals.


Delivering meal support around Melbourne and some regional centres, our carers can assist with a range of tasks, including:

  • Accompanying you to purchase ingredients at the supermarket

  • Running errands and doing the grocery shopping for you

  • Unpacking and storing your groceries

  • Planning nutritious meals for the week according to your tastes and preferences

  • Act as your 'sous-chef' in the kitchen and give you a hand

  • Prepare and cook healthy meals, from breakfast, lunch and dinner to your morning or evening snacks. 

in home meal preparation
senior meal assistance
in home meal preparation

A Tailored Approach to In-Home Food and Meal Assistance 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to delivering quality meal preparation and cooking services, particularly within the home. We treat every client as an individual, and understand the importance of supporting their unique lifestyle and care needs as well as assisting with the challenges they face day-to-day. Whether it be assistance with running errands and going grocery shopping, cleaning and organising the kitchen and putting purchased items away or preparing fresh, nutritious and tasty meals each day, each of our skilled carers is dedicated to making sure your loved one remains happy, comfortable and healthy within their own home, and continues living a fulfilling life.  

Our experienced carers can adapt and customise meals according to your dietary needs, including special requests or restrictions due to health, religious and cultural reasons. Whether you have been advised to reduce your salt intake, are at risk of allergies from certain foods or follow a vegetarian diet for example, our carers will devise a personalised meal plan full of tasty and nutritious meals for you to enjoy.

Just For U Care's qualified staff deliver high quality, personalised care no matter your loved one’s cultural background, lifestyle, age or gender. We assign our carers according to your preferences and lifestyle and offer support in a range of languages to ensure you and your loved one feel as comfortable with their carer as possible. Our support workers are also local to and familiar with your area, living in Melbourne and surrounding regional centres.

Just For U Care's In-Home Care Services

In addition to meal preparation and cooking, Just For U Care’s qualified and compassionate staff provide a range of in-home care services ensuring your or your loved one's safety, wellbeing and confidence at home. We are committed to providing in-home care services tailored to the needs of yourself or a loved one to reduce stress and ensure peace of mind for the whole family. Specialising in aged care and disability support, our in-home services include:

Everyday personal care includes assistance with bathing and showering, personal hygiene, grooming and dressing, medications, continence care and mobility support, morning and night. 


Our trained staff and nurses offer compassionate, personalised support and care for those with Dementia or memory loss.


We can provide one-off, respite or on-going care, including overnight care and 24 hour support


Our staff can offer respite care to allow you to take a much-needed break, or to provide assistance during the absence of your usual caregiver.

Cleaning the Counter

Our team can provide domestic support such as house cleaning, laundry and clothes folding, making your bed and dishwashing. 

Vegetable Shop

Personal Shopping

Our carers can accompany you or your loved one to provide assistance while out shopping, or can complete shopping and errands for you. 

Assisting the Elder

Our in-home carers can provide transport and mobility support. We assist and accompany you to get to and from your destination with ease, including social engagements, medical appointments and shopping.



 Our dedicated, friendly and caring in-home support staff can provide companionship services to ensure you or your loved one are well looked after and never feel alone.  

How to Organise the Right Care for Your Loved One

Just For U Care welcomes clients who are eligible for the Home Care Packages program, NDIS and those seeking private in-home care. We will work with you to build a dedicated support plan to meet your or your loved one's needs and preferences. Learn more about our in-home elderly care services or in-home disability support or, contact us using the form below.   

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