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Home Care Packages

Find out everything there is to know about the government’s Home Care Packages program- what the package provides, how to navigate the system and how Just For U Care can work with you to create a care program tailored to your or your loved one's needs.

What is the Home Care Packages Program?

The Home Care Packages Program is a government funded initiative enabling older people to remain living at home for longer. The program supports the elderly to maintain their independence, comfort and security by receiving support and care in their own home. 


The Home Care Packages Program provides subsidies for in-home aged care services by partnering with an approved service provider of your choice. Offering a level of support above the Commonwealth Home Support Program, the in-home care services covered by the package include:

  • Assistance with household tasks  

  • Mobility equipment (such as walking frames)

  • Minor home modifications

  • Personal care

  • Clinical care including nursing, allied health and physiotherapy


There are 4 types of Home Care Packages, from Level 1 (basic care) to Level 4 (high care needs). Approved aged care service providers- such as Just For U Care- work together with you or your loved one to design and deliver a tailored care solution that best meets your needs. The government then pays the subsidy to the care provider, who provides the services within your home.

Discuss your care needs with our friendly care consultants today.

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Am I/my loved one eligible for the Home Care Packages Program?

An applicant must meet one of the following 2 criteria in order to apply for the Home Care Packages Program. You must be either:

  1. An older person (over 65) needing coordinated services to help you stay at home, or

  2. A younger person with a disability, dementia or other care need not met through alternative specialist services. 


In order to understand if you or your loved one are eligible for a Home Care Package, an assessment will need to be performed. There are 2 steps to the assessment process:

  1. Apply for an assessment, online or over the phone. If you have previously registered with My Aged Care the application can only be submitted by calling My Aged Care.

  2. If your application is successful, an in-person assessment will be performed at your home to see if and what level of care you are eligible for. 


A financial assessment is also performed by the government to determine how much you will need to contribute to the package, but it does not affect your eligibility. 


Once you or your loved one has been approved for the program, Just For U Care can work with you to plan and deliver a service package suitable to your needs.

Which services are covered by the Home Care Packages Program?

The following in-home care services offered by Just For U Care are covered by the Home Care Packages Program:

  • Personal Care, including bathing, hygiene and grooming

  • Communication Support, including assistance using the phone and hearing aids 

  • Meal and Food Preparation to ensure your nutrition is maintained

  • Skin Care such as changing bandages and applying dressings

  • Assistance with impairments and continence

  • Mobility and Transport Support including equipment to help you get around

  • Cleaning, Laundry, Garden Maintenance and domestic assistance to keep your home clean and safe

  • Social Support both within your home and outside, to keep you connected to your community and for emergency situations

  • Care Management, such as reviewing agreements and making sure services are suitable for your needs

  • Nursing Support to assist with treatments and monitor medical conditions from the comfort of your home 

How much is the subsidy provided by the Home Care Packages Program?

The Home Care Packages Program is split into 4 levels, each with different funding amounts. The levels are based on the hours of care required. Types of care and support services provided are identical across all levels. The funding available for each level under the Home Care Packages Program is as follows:

Package Level
Level 1 - Basic Care Needs
$9,026.45 a year
Level 2 - Low Care Needs
$15,877.50 a year
Level 3 - Intermediate Care Needs
$34,550.90 a year
Level 4 - High Care Needs
$52,377.50 a year

Once you have been advised on the level of care you have been approved for, Just For U Care will work with you to develop a tailored care plan according to your needs and package funding. To learn more about our Home Care Package fee schedule, read about our in-home elderly care services.

How do I select a Provider/ Can I change providers?

As the Home Care Package subsidy is assessed and assigned to each person, you are entitled to choose your preferred in-home care services provider. 


At Just For U Care, we work together with you to understand your unique situation and build a custom care plan ensuring you or your loved one will remain independent, secure and comfortable at home. You are welcome to contact us to discuss our in-home care services and to set up a free consultation.          


If you already have a Home Care Package provider, you have the right to seek and switch to an alternative provider. Our dedicated consultants can help you make the right decision for your needs and assist with switching to Just For U Care should you choose to do so.

How long does it take to get my Home Care Package approved? 

It is important to note there is a wait time between being assessed as eligible and receiving the subsidy. The wait time is usually dependent on the level of care that has been approved as well as how urgent your need for care was deemed during assessment. According to the Government, the expected wait time for an approved Home Care Package for people with a medium priority is:

Package Level
Approximate Wait Time
Level 1 - Basic Care Needs
3-6 months
Level 2 - Low Care Needs
6-9 months
Level 3 - Intermediate Care Needs
6-9 months
Level 4 - High Care Needs
6-9 months

For clients who prefer not to wait, you are welcome to commence with private self-funded care. Once your Home Care Package has been allocated, we can assist with its set-up, including relevant paperwork. Your existing care services will remain in place once you have switched the funding to your Home Care Package. 

What if I am not eligible for a Home Care Package but need in-home care?  

At Just For U Care, your peace of mind is our top priority. We welcome all potential clients to contact us to discuss how we can best meet your in-home care needs, within your budget. 

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