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NDIS Disability Support

As a registered NDIS provider, Just For U Care offers a wide range of personalised supports for our clients. Our in-home care and support services are designed to promote our clients' independence and wellbeing, both within the home and the wider community. Our dedicated and compassionate carers provide tailored support to help you achieve your goals.


What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

The NDIS is a government-funded scheme designed to provide support, funding, and services for individuals with disability. Its primary objective is to empower people with disability to lead fulfilling lives by enhancing their independence, social and community participation, and overall quality of life. The scheme aims to ensure that individuals receive the necessary support and care they require to achieve their goals and maximise their potential.

Following assessment (and approval of eligibility) by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), the NDIS will provide funding for a range of supports based on the needs of the individual, through the creation of an NDIS plan. As a registered NDIS provider, Just For U Care delivers a range of approved disability supports, including personal care, transport, social support and more, to help you achieve the goals of your NDIS plan. 

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Am I/my loved one eligible for the NDIS?

There are several basic requirements which must be met in order to apply for NDIS funding:

  • An applicant must be under 65

  • Must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident and live in Australia

  • The applicant must meet the disability or early intervention requirements

To access supports through the NDIS, including those offered by Just For U Care, you will need to first apply through the NDIA. The NDIA will perform an assessment to determine your eligibility and support needs. The assessment process takes into account factors such as the nature and impact of your disability, your goals, and the level of support required.

Once deemed eligible, the NDIA will work with you (as an NDIS participant) to develop a personalised plan, outlining your goals and the supports you require. This plan serves as the basis for determining the funding allocated for in-home care services.


Once you or your loved one has been approved for the NDIS and received your plan, Just For U Care can work with you and/or your NDIS support co-ordinator to deliver the in-home care supports suitable to your needs.

Which in-home care services are covered by the NDIS?

The following in-home care services offered by Just For U Care are covered by the NDIS:

  • Personal Care, including bathing, hygiene and grooming to maintain your personal wellbeing and independence

  • Assistance with daily activities, including errands, shopping and social companionship

  • Mobility and Transport assistance both within and outside of the home

  • Domestic assistance such as cleaning, laundry and household chores to keep your home clean and comfortable

  • Social and community support to foster your connection to and participation within the community

  • 24/7 around the clock care and respite support when needed

  • Care Management, such as reviewing agreements and making sure all supports are suitable for your needs

How much is the funding provided by the NDIS?

Unlike Home Care Packages, there is no set amount of funding provided by the NDIS. Each participant will receive the exact funding required to cover the supports, care and services they need, as determined in their NDIS plan.  

In order for a requested support to be funded under the NDIS, the support must meet all of the following NDIS Funding Criteria: 

  • Is related to your disability needs

  • It will help with your individual goals and aspirations

  • It will help your social and/or economic participation

  • It is value for money, which means that:
    • the cost of the support is similar to or cheaper than alternative options that can provide you with the same outcome and/or  

    • purchasing the support is likely to reduce the costs of funding for other supports in the long term

  • It is effective and beneficial for you

  • It helps to maintain your informal supports

  • It is the responsibility of the NDIS to fund

How do I select a Provider/ Can I change providers?

Once participants have their NDIS plan and funding approved, they have the freedom to choose their preferred service providers. 

At Just For U Care, we work together with you to understand your unique situation, assess your NDIS plan and tailor our compassionate care services to your needs so you or your loved one can remain independent, confident and comfortable at home. You are welcome to contact us to discuss our in-home care services and to set up a free consultation.          


If you already have an in-home care provider, you have the right to seek and switch to an alternative provider. Our dedicated consultants can help you make the right decision for your needs and assist with switching to Just For U Care should you choose to do so.

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