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Transport Assistance

Transportation and Mobility Services

Maintaining independence and wellbeing within the home is also dependent on your or your loved one's ability to leave the home confidently and safely. Perhaps you or your loved one are still driving but require mobility assistance outside of the car, or can no longer drive but need to get out to attend appointments and run important errands? Our experienced in-home carers can both escort and/or drive you to ensure you can continue your daily and weekly activities without missing a beat.   

Based in Melbourne and surrounding regional centres - and familiar with your local area - our fully trained carers can drive you in their own car, or can escort you in yours to attend medical appointments, go shopping for necessities such as food and medication and partake in social activities. At Just For U Care, our mission is to support your wellbeing by helping you maintain your independent lifestyle, for longer. 

transport assistance
mobility and transport support
elderly transport assistance

A Tailored Approach to Transport Services

At Just For U Care, we treat every client as an individual, and understand the importance of supporting their unique lifestyle, goals and preferences, to ensure they continue living a fulfilling life. Each of our skilled carers is dedicated to the needs of your loved one and will accompany or transport them as required to appointments, important events and errands. 


Just For U Care's transport services are provided through our in-home elderly or disability care plans, together with a range of additional in-home care services (such as personal care and in-home meal preparation). Our qualified staff deliver high quality, personalised care no matter your loved one’s cultural background, lifestyle, age or gender. We assign our carers according to your preferences and offer support in a range of languages to ensure you and your loved one feel as comfortable with their carer as possible. Our support workers are also local to and familiar with your area, living in Melbourne and surrounding regional centres.


Depending on your or your loved one’s needs, transport and mobility assistance can be provided on an ongoing basis or as needed when family or friends are unable to help out. Our respectful and compassionate carers are happy to drive your loved one as well as accompany them for important engagements such as medical appointments or shopping as required. Tailored to your loved ones needs, our in-home care services are flexible, and care can be provided from just a few hours to 24 hours a day

In-Home Care Services

Transport assistance is one of the many elderly care and disability support services Just For U Care offers to ensure you or your loved one remains comfortable and confident at home for longer. Our additional in-home care services include:


Need assistance in the kitchen? Our qualified carers can help with shopping, meal preparation and cooking, providing you with healthy meals every day of the week. 

Walking Aid

We can provide one-off, respite or on-going care, including overnight care and 24 hour support.  

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Everyday personal care includes assistance with bathing and showering, personal hygiene, grooming and dressing, medications, continence care and mobility support. 

Our trained staff and nurses offer compassionate, personalised support and care for those with Dementia or memory loss.


Our staff can offer respite care to allow you to take a much-needed break, or to provide assistance during the absence of your usual caregiver.


Social Activities

We encourage our clients to be active within their community and make connections with others. We can accompany you to social activities inside and outside of the home.


Domestic Cleaning

Our team can provide domestic support such  as house cleaning, laundry and clothes folding, making your bed and dishwashing. 



 Our dedicated, friendly and caring in-home support staff can provide companionship services to ensure you or your loved one are well looked after and never feel alone.  

How to Organise the Right Care for Your Loved One

Just For U Care welcomes clients both under the Home Care Packages program and those seeking private in-home aged care. We will work with you to build a dedicated support plan to meet your or your loved one's needs and preferences. To find out more about Just For U Care’s in-home support services, we welcome you to contact us using the form below or enquire about a free consultation.   

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