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How to Prepare Your Home for In-Home Care

Having weighed up the options of in-home care vs residential care, more and more seniors (as well as disabled people) are choosing in-home care services so they can receive daily support while maintaining their comfort and independence at home, for longer.

Our team of professionals at Just For U Care look forward to supporting you or your loved one at home. Sometimes - depending on your loved one's living situation and care needs- we find that some minor adjustments at their place of residence can make for a smoother transition to in-home care and help our carers ensure your loved one's safety and security. As every client - and every home- is different, your assigned carer will of course provide tailored recommendations and assistance when and where adjustments are required.

But in the meantime, if the decision has just recently been made to receive in-home support (or you just want to make sure your loved one's living space is as safe for them as possible), see our top 5 tips to prepare for in-home care and ensure your loved one's living environment is as safe and secure for them as possible.

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1. Are They Using the Best Bedroom?

We aren't talking about the biggest bedroom, or the one with the nicest view. As your loved one's needs change, it is important to consider the position of their bedroom within the home and the ease of access from their room to important areas in their house such as the bathroom and kitchen. If mobility is an issue (or might become one), ensuring their bedroom is on the ground floor is also important both for them and their carer.

If your in-home carer will be providing 24/7 care, it's also important to clean and set up their room before their arrival. Their room should include a wardrobe or drawers to store their belongings and clean sheets and towels should also be provided.

2. Clean and Declutter

While an in-home carer will offer ongoing domestic support such as home cleaning for your loved one, now is the perfect opportunity to do a big declutter and clean of their home. A clean and well organised home will ensure higher quality of life at home (and will also be easier for their carer to maintain) . Most importantly, ensure all walkways are unobstructed, to minimise falls or injury to your loved one while at home.

3. Consider Additional Safety Precautions

Our team will work with you to understand your loved one's needs and assess their home to ensure your safety and mobility are upheld. Depending on your loved one's situation, we may recommend installing safety equipment or mobility apparatus around the house. A rail at their front step, a handle-bar in the shower or even just moving their bed to make way for a walking frame are all potential considerations for increasing their safety at home.

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4. Collect and Organise Important Supplies and Information

Before your in-home carer arrives, make sure to get your loved one's important belongings, supplies and records in order. This could include ensuring medications are well-stocked and easy to find, your loved one's favourite foods are readily available and home supplies such as cleaning equipment is stored safely and is easily accessible. This will help your carer get acquainted with your loved one's home and daily needs more efficiently.

We also recommend preparing a 'Contacts' list with phone numbers of immediate family members and health care providers. Consider if you want to provide your carer with a key to your loved one's home and if any other instructions or important information should be written down for their reference.

5. Meet and Greet Your Loved One's In-Home Carer

All of our carers endeavour to make the transition to in-home care a smooth and relaxing one. We understand there can sometimes be apprehension when welcoming a "stranger" into your or your loved one's home. This is why we encourage a family member to be present in the early days- to ease your loved one's nerves and to help show their new carer around the home.

To learn more about our in-home care services and how we can assist your loved one, Contact Us.



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