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How Do I Start a Career as an In-Home Carer?

If you are passionate about helping others, your community and promoting wellbeing, a career in in-home care could be ideal for you. Whether you wish to care for the elderly or provide support for a disabled person, being a carer is both impactful and highly rewarding.

Working as an in-home carer or support worker will involve a variety of duties, from providing companionship to assisting with personal care and hygiene. No two days are the same as you will work with a range of people with differing needs, lifestyles and preferences. With many opportunities currently available, let’s take a look at how you can start your career as an in-home carer.

Which Qualifications Do I Need?

In order to work as an in-home carer or support worker with a government approved provider such as Just For U Care, you will need to have completed a minimum of Certificate III in either Individual Support, Aged Care, Community Care or Disability Care.

This certificate is a nationally accredited qualification offered by a range of TAFEs and higher education institutions around Australia. The course will teach you the skills required to provide care for people who require support due to ageing or disability. It also includes a supervised work placement component so you can gain experience providing care in relevant settings.

Do I Need Any Other Certificates or Checks?

In addition to one of the qualifications mentioned above, you will also be required to have passed/completed the following:

  • Criminal Record/Police Check (may be required annually)

  • Current First Aid Certificate

  • Current CPR Certificate

  • NDIS Worker Screening Check (when applicable)

  • Completion of the Disability Worker Module (NDIS Code of Conduct)

What are the Main Tasks I Should Expect to Perform in the Role?

As an in-home carer, your day-to-day tasks will be varied as they depend on the client’s daily needs and activities. Common tasks and duties you can expect to perform as an in-home carer include:

  • Providing personal care, such as feeding, showering and dressing.

  • Meal preparation including shopping for and cooking food.

  • Collecting prescriptions and administering medications.

  • Performing domestic duties such as cleaning and tidying around the house.

  • Assisting with mobility around the home and transportation to appointments, social outings and running errands.

  • Providing emotional and social support and companionship for your client and communicating with their family.

Which Qualities or Skills Will You Look For in a Carer?

As an in-home carer, the health and wellbeing of our clients is your top priority. Naturally, if you want to work as a carer for the elderly or disabled, you should be a people-person with strong communication skills. Some additional qualities that will help you succeed in your career as a carer or support worker include:

  • Empathy and compassion

  • Patience and flexibility

  • Attention to detail

There are also some skills that can prove beneficial in your role as a carer, so don’t forget to mention them when you apply for the job! Skills such as an understanding of OH&S, speaking a language other than English and holding a current driver’s licence are very useful for in-home carers.

What are the Benefits of Working as a Carer at Just For U Care?

Working as an in-home carer is a highly dynamic role that requires dedication, heart and can be challenging at times. However, as you work to enhance the wellbeing of our clients, you will quickly learn how personally rewarding the role can be.

Just For U Care has a number of initiatives in place to support and assist you while you provide outstanding care for our clients, including:

  • A comprehensive induction program when you begin working with us.

  • Ongoing training to ensure you remain up to date in your knowledge and skills.

  • Flexible work hours and the ability to work close to home.

  • Further assistance if at any time you require additional support or guidance.

Ready to start your career as an in-home carer with Just For U Care? Apply today!



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